St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors.
From the Associate Pastor’s Desk




In Exodus 16:21 we read, "So they gathered it (manna) every morning.


Work to maintain a sense of total dependence on the Lord's good will and pleasure for the

continuance of your richest enjoyments. Never try to live on old manna. Never seek help in

 Egypt. Everything must come from Jesus, or you will be ruined  forever. Old anointing will

not suffice. Your head must have fresh oil poured on it from the golden horn of the sanctuary

 or it will cease from its glory.


Today you may be on the summit with God. Only He who has put you there can keep you

there. If He does not, you will sink more rapidly than you can imagine. Your mountain

stands firm only while He keeps it in place.


If He hides his face, you will soon be troubled. If the Savior chooses, He can instantly

darken any window through which you see the light of heaven. Joshua commanded the sun 

 to stand still (Joshua 10:12), but Jesus can shroud it in total darkness. He can withdraw the

 joy of your heart, the light of your eyes, and the strength of your life. Your comforts are in

His hands. At His will those comforts can flee. We need to feel and recognize this

 moment-by-moment dependence on Him.


He permits us to pray only for daily bread(Matt.6:11) and promises only that "as (our days),

so shall (our) strength be (Deut. 33:25). But is it  not best for us that we go often to His

throne to be reminded of His love. How rich the grace He continually supplies. How blessed

that He does not stop supplying because of our ingratitude. The golden shower never

ceases. The cloud of blessing lingers over where we live.



                               In His Service,