St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 18, 2020
Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors.


         From the Sr. Associate Pastor’s


Giving Up the Old


There is a new road that stretches in front of me.

As I begin to take the first step I look behind me.

What if with the first step on this new road I lose things that are behind on the old road? What if I give up something that I may need along the way?

What if there is something back there I will miss some day?

Am I going to be strong enough to make it down this road on my own?

Am I going to have others stepping with me, or will I step all alone?


I look in front of me and see hope and promise shining brightly.

I look behind me and see memories begin to fade slightly.

I look in front and see new beginnings waiting to begin.

I look behind and see unhappy circumstances growing dim.

It seems to me on this journey down this timely road I am on.

This new year is ready for the taking and the old year is ready to be gone.


Promises and hopes of the new outweigh old things I grudgingly hold on to.

It is time to take a step of faith and do all new things I need to do.

As I journey into this new year I know I will never be alone.

When I look back at the old year that is now gone.

I know Jesus was with me then helping me to stand.

I know He guides me through all our days.

He always holds my hand. Let Him hold your hand too!



Happy New Year!

Terry and Mary 








From the Associate Pastor’s Desk

I have never been one much for New Year resolutions. For some they work great! But for me, the best guarantee for me to eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting…is to make some resolution about how I’m not going to eat sweets.


The New Year is, however, my favorite time in all the year. There is something about the idea of “starting over” that energizes and excites me. I am one of those people who still keeps a paper calendar and I’ve already got mine for 2020 as I type this article in late December. I can’t wait to put my first entries into it! So new and crisp!


As I think about the New Year, Matthew 6:21 comes to mind: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” The month of January gives us a time to pause, to reflect, to re-calibrate and reset our priorities. How will we spend our time this New Year? Does the way that we spend our time bring us closer to God and others? Does it energize us? Does it distract or numb us from facing something we need to face? My challenge for myself and for all of us in this New Year is: how will we make time for God – how is God calling each of us to respond and to live out our faith this New Year, and will we respond?


In Christ,

Rev. Beth