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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Haiti Mission Trip March 2015
The North American Haiti Partnership mission team left on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015.
The post come for different people on the team. As you follow these post, please keep them in your
prayers as well as the rest of the Team Members.
HAITI UPDATE: Thursday, March 5th

Hello friends and loved ones,


After a few minor glitches and minor difficulties to navigate around, the team arrived safe and sound in Haiti.  It’s an amazing experience to leave the comforts of the U.S. and in less than a 3 hour flight time you have landed in this amazing country, with these beautiful loving people, seemingly on the other side of the world.


After settling in to our accommodations and receiving a briefing, it’s time to have a great meal of chicken, pork, rice and beans, and vegetables, topped off with ice cream J, then a time of devotion and reflection.


We will complete the day preparing for the medical and optical clinic and then lay our tired bodies down for a good night’s sleep. We will be up early and head out by 7:30 to visit with a Pastor’s school and provide clinics and Vacation Bible School.


Please pray for the team for good health and that our actions and words will be pleasing to God!


In His Grace,

Haiti Mission Team March 2015

HAITI UPDATE: Friday, March 6th
Greetings from Haiti!
The team had an amazing day today at the school that our primary pastor in Haiti had started a few years ago.  We loved on the children, checked on them medically and gave them some medicines as needed, and fitted some for their first pair of glasses.  The teachers were fabulous in steering the children to us that needed some assistance, and the translators (including 2 of our own missionaries, Ferline and Yanick) provided the critical link to help us serve these beautiful children, teachers, and parents.
After clinic, we drove downtown for lunch at a local café’ (the best rice and beans in town!), and winding down, enjoying our lunch.  After returning to the hotel, we spent some time relaxing, and restocking for the next day.  A great dinner outside led to some precious sharing and getting to know each other.
Charles led our devotion today with a word from 1 John 2:5 about seeing the uncommon in the common activities of our daily lives. The topic was ‘Where did we see God today?’ during our first full day in Haiti. Multiple people shared the various places at the school today where we saw God in the beautiful smiling faces of the children, the teachers who worked so hard to teach the children, and the administrators who oversee the almost 200 children.  One person shared the story that most children walk a long distance to school each day, and one child who is 9 years old walks almost 7 miles each way to go to school.  It’s hard to even think about overcoming these types of challenges, but it happens every day in Haiti.  God is everywhere, and he is alive and well in Haiti, giving hope and everlasting life.
A friend from church, Tracy, had blessed the team with some copies of a Haiti coloring book about health.  The book was so greatly received by the school, and will certainly help the children to learn more about how to take care of themselves.
In His Grace!
Haiti March Mission Team
The first photo is at our school
HAITI UPDATE: Saturday, March 7th

Day 3 for Haiti Mission Team!

Greetings from Haiti!

We’re a bit tired and a bit dusty but feeling very loved!

Where did we see God today?  In the singing of the children during VBS with Yanick leading them and enforcing in them how beautiful they are because God made them; In the smiles of the people waiting for their medications and happy that they could see a medical provider; in the Optical ministry with Charles, Joe, and the translator (John) seeing over 60 patients.  in the little girl who grabbed Kim and gave her a big hug; in the eyes of the little preemie who smiled and interacted with Lori, a miracle baby to be so healthy in this country where the child mortality rate is so high, and so many more instances….

After clinic, we took a beautiful drive up the mountain and stopped for a while to browse in the shops and pick up some souvenirs.  The ride down provided some very beautiful scenery on our trip back to the hotel. 

Carol led the devotion from John 5:1-9, about Jesus healing the lame man at the pool.  Bethesda means ‘healing pool’, ‘house of mercy’, ‘house of grace’. Carol spoke about the parallels of how God sometimes asks if we want to get well, but sometimes we don’t want our circumstances to change.  

Time now to complete the restocking of the trunks for clinics, then enjoy a little ‘down time’ before starting off early tomorrow for a new adventure!  Come, Jesus, Come!

Don’t forget to set your clocks up one hour before you go to bed!

In His Grace!

Haiti Mission Team March 2015


HAITI UPDATE: Monday, March 9th

Greetings from Haiti!

We had the morning off today, and it was such a welcome pleasure to sleep in a bit, swim in the pool, and just relax till afternoon, when we would host a clinic for the translators and workers plus their families. It was so nice to serve the ones who serve us every time we travel to this wonderful oasis.

Where did we see God today?  When Yanick met John’s (a translator’s) wife that she had prayed for 6 months ago to be able to conceive after many years without success!  She had prayed that by the time she returned, the young lady would be pregnant, AND WAS!.  Praise God!

Another time was when Carol was running the pharmacy by herself (no translator) during the clinic for the employees at the Palm Inn.  She was stretching out her ability to speak French that she hadn’t used in many years, and some of the locals were stepping in to assist in her coordinating the pharmacy waiting and new patient waiting areas…..and many many more examples. 

In the evening, Carol blessed us with a devotion about feeling overwhelmed, from Psalm 61 where King David was crying out to God for help.  We discussed the hope of Christ, and that it is not built on what you have but who you have, Christ Jesus! 

Check out the picture at Pastor Baptiste’s school with the young lady carrying the goods on her head in the basket, without any hands for support. WOW! Can we even imagine how hard it is to walk several miles a day for water or food to sustain your family?

Thanks to all the friends and loved ones who pray for this team! We really appreciate and need your prayers, and we feel the love coming from the States every day!

HAITI UPDATE: Tuesday, March 10th


Greetings from Haiti!

Hello friends and loved ones!  Today we were blessed to serve at a new location where we saw about 85 medical patients and provided pharmacy items to most of them.  The optical ministry was very busy as well, and I’ve attached a picture of them fitting a pair of glasses to a lady.   The VBS was also very well received, and there’s a picture of the kids engrossed in their coloring sheets after hearing Yanick’s wonderful stories and singing some songs.

Where did we see God today?  In our new friend, Pastor Michel who was so thankful that we came to serve, and prayed such sweet prayers over us; In a handsome young man who was stressed trying to finish school so he could go on to Engineering school, and had such a sweet spirit; Especially in the translators who were eager to have a ‘seminar’ (class) of medical terminology and discuss disease process so they could better understand and help us to translate – and this class came after working all day long in the hot weather…plus many more!

Doc led us in a discussion provoking study of Philippians 2 and 4 and compared these missionaries to our modern day missionaries.  It is easy to see that Philippians still holds a great standard for our missionaries today!

Tomorrow will be a long but wonderful day of working with Pastor Baptiste’s primary church, then visiting the future site for Bethesda.  Now, time to repack some meds and get some rest!

In His Grace!

Haiti Mission Team March 2015

HAITI UPDATE: Wednesday, March 11th
DAY 7....Last Day!

Greetings from Haiti!

Hello friends and family!   It’s the end of Day 7 already, and it’s hard to believe that we have been here for a week already!  Wow, time flies when you are doing things you love!

We spent a long day today at our wonderful Pastor Baptiste’ church in Onaville, take care of his congregation’s medical, optical and pharmacy needs, and playing with the children in VBS.  Such beautiful people who love the Lord, and walk quite a distance (with their chairs on their head), to worship together twice a week.  At lunch, we listened to Rosalyn (Pastor’s wife) who leads the women’s group.  She told us how very thankful she was to receive all the sewing goods plus the sewing machine that was brought to her this trip.  She will be very grateful for any donated fabric or border materials or other sewing notions that we can bring each trip.  Her vision is to have several ‘pedal’ sewing machines that she can use to teach sewing classes year round to both make their clothes as well as sew some items to sell.  Additionally, Onaville is in great need of clean water for the area.   They walk about 4 miles each way several times a day to retrieve water, then it is still not clean and causes illnesses.  Please pray for some help for a clean water project for the area!

After clinic and a fabulous lunch made by Rosalyn, we went to visit the LaFito Pier area where we hope to build the new Bethesda specialty hospital.  A Breathtaking view of the Caribbean, and a nice wind would make this area a wonderful spot for the hospital.

Where did we see God today?  In the 2 year old precious child who could stand and walk today!  It was in September 2014 that Catherine and Yanick were praying for the 18 month old who couldn’t stand because her hips were deformed.  They had prayed for her 6 months ago, and today we saw that she could stand and walk!  Praise God!  We also saw God in a beautiful, chubby, healthy little girl who laughed and played happily today.  Also, in the elderly blind man and woman who were so sweet and thankful, yet ha such joy and love for others!....and many many more examples!

Again, thanks for all your prayers and support as we finish this assignment and head back to the ‘States’.

Check out the two pictures we are posting tonight, one is a picture taken during today’s clinic, and the other is a picture of our ‘Fab Five’, our wonderful Haitian translators and Pastor Baptiste.



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