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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Haiti Mission Trip September 2014
Carol Haisten went with the North American Haiti Partnership mission team Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2014.
The post come for different people on the team. As you follow these post, please keep them in your
prayers as well as the rest of the Team Members.
Friends of our Haiti team,
HAITI UPDATE: Sunday, September 14, 2014
Friends of our Haiti team,

Today in Onaville the team had an amazing blessed time ministering to the people through the medical, pharmacy and vision clinics as well as VBS.  Also, Dr Jacobs blessed us today with a great message on grace and Yanick shared her touching testimony at the service.

All is okay but we wanted to let you know that one of the team vans had a minor accident today on the way back from Onaville.  A burro came out in front of one of the vans and the van behind did not stop in time. God protected the team and everyone is okay but we wanted to let you all know to continue to pray for the group and for God's protection. 

Thank you,

Bekah Hamrick

HAITI UPDATE: Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday’s report:

Greetings from Haiti!  Today we spent time with a wonderful pastor friend and took care of his congregation.  We saw about 150 or so patients in the medical clinic, pharmacy provide some relieving medications to approx. 100 of them, provided about 100  pair of reading or distance glasses, and provided a VBS production fit for Broadway to 110 beautiful, smiling, happy children!  Whew!  2 very busy days so far and thanks to God we are still running around like ‘every ready energizer rabbits’. Additionally, we were able to listen to a presentation from the Micro Credit Board (micro enterprises) of the church.  They explained their fabulous system of extending credit to church members to start their own businesses.  An interested member will be required to go through money management classes and meet several requirements then,  if approved, will be in line for credit of $100 extended to them to become a product vendor.  A portion of their profits each month has to be paid back and is invested.  They eventually pay back the loan and it is then given to another applicant.  This has been a very successful model and they currently have several members involved in a business venture. Part of the missionary support was already pledged to this effort, plus some generous missionaries provided additional support! What a great way to help the Haitians help themselves, and that’s what it’s about, right?

Let me say something about our devotions.  We have a short devotion time each morning prior to leaving our hotel, and we have a longer devotion time each night.  During those times, we not only hear wonderful devotions that hit our hearts, but we also get to hear how God is touching each of us through our Haitian brothers and sisters. From the really sick babies that we treat and pray over to the insistent young man we give our hat to, and the older woman (who made her living as a seamstress) and now can see to thread the needle because a missionary gave the lady her personal readers….and many more daily stories that bless the missionaries as much as they bless the Haitians.  We feel SO blessed to be here and have this fellowship, and this is such a special, loving group!

Speaking of a special group, several members attended a CR “Kick off” meeting at a neighboring church.  One of the missionaries spoke to the group of local pastors about what Celebrate Recovery is about and how they can start a Celebrate Recovery in their own churches.  After a great presentation, books were provided in French for them to take with them.  One church has already committed to starting CR, and others are considering it!  How fabulous!

Well, enough for now, time for rest and recharge before we visit the school that St. Andrews UMC started and now Sixes UMC helps support- we can’t wait to see those beautiful faces!!!

Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers for the missionaries, keep it coming!!!  J

HAITI UPDATE: Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello from the Missionaries!

This will seem like a repeat from last night, but I have to say that we had another FABULOUS day, seeing God all around us!  The smiles of the children (and adults) who danced happily during VBS, the ‘thank you’ and smiles from the adults that received some assistance, and the big smiles from the ones that received glasses and could see the world in a whole new way!

Our devotions times continue to be very special, even more now that we have John playing the guitar while we sing along to some of our favorite hymns.  Even an occasional power outage doesn’t stop our heartfelt devotion and sharing time, as we break out into a rendition of ‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’ or use a ‘Steri Pen’ to illuminate the area while we continue to praise God and find JOY in all things.

We’ve reached the ‘halfway’ point, and already accumulated a few souvenirs, both physical and spiritual, and looking forward to a good rest before we start out on another adventure tomorrow!  Please continue to pray for our team and the precious people of Haiti!


HAITI UPDATE: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bonjour from Haiti! Today, we continued on our joyful journey in Haiti by visiting Pastor Dieuseul’s church, for the second time, next to tent city.

Tent city, home to thousands of displaced people from the 2010 earthquake, is one of the most poverty-ridden parts of Haiti. As we welcomed the people from tent city into the clinic, they came with open minds and warm hearts in receiving both medical and optical care.

Specifically in the medical clinic, over 100 people were seen, ranging from infants to older men and women. Today’s triage identified everything from ear infections to severe wounds.

One of our nurses, Patti, had a special case in the medical clinic today when a young man, who was recently hit by a car, arrived at the clinic with severe wounds on his leg. With the assistance of one of our wonderful translators, Patti was able to dress his wounds and was able to provide a healing hand to the man. Leaving the clinic today, he left with hope that he would be ok.

The vision clinic was also witness to numerous special stories today when the people received their glasses. Faces were glowing and the joy of the Lord was spread throughout the clinic as people were able to read or see distant objects for the first time. One particular woman joined in our opening prayer as Pastor Dieuseul opened his heart and told a tragic story. As we began praying for Pastor Dieuseul, the woman went to the Lord herself and began praying- she could absolutely be a prayer warrior at Sixes UMC. 

There have been many people throughout the week that have needed care in all three areas- medical, vision, and pharmacy. Navigating between those clinical areas can be challenging; however, today’s “hostess with the mostess”, Judy, was a shining example of showing God’s love as she escorted people throughout the space with open arms and smiles.

The clinic, however, was not confined to the church, but extended into the tent city as well. Yanick, one of the members on the mission, Yanick’s niece and Pastor Dieuseul spent the afternoon walking throughout tent city and providing hope to those refugees as they spoke about God.

In one particular tent, the three came upon an old man who was unable to walk and had deep Voodoo beliefs. As Yanick, her niece, and Pastor Dieuseul talked with the man, he expressed that he had already made an engagement with a Voodoo priest and there was no hope for him to be released from the curse. After hearing of God’s love and forgiveness and that Jesus had already paid the price for our sins, the man and his family took down their Voodoo icons and became believers- accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior.  

Although we had such an amazing day in the clinics and in tent city, we also had a big let down when Joe, Catherine and Lori headed back to Atlanta. With an illness prior to coming to Haiti, that did not improve, Joe and the medical leaders decided he needed to return home and rest.  

We appreciate all the love and prayers as we continue on this amazing journey… we can truly feel it in Haiti. Thank you! 

HAITI UPDATE: Thursday, September 18, 2014

Greetings Brothers and Sisters from Haiti,

Today is Thursday, September 18, and our morning devotion came from the heart of one of our missionaries who normally would not express his feelings, and fears.  God gave him the courage to tell his story.  He talked about how pride gets in the way of doing God’s work.  By the end of his devotion, there was not a dry eye amongst us.  What a wonderful way to begin our day, being so blessed before we hit the road. This morning we journeyed into the foothills of the mountains to Pastor Clerzius house.  He set up his home so that we could serve his community. 

We learned a lesson today on handing out cards for the medical clinic.  Normally, a card is handed out to each individual family member so that we can track how many patients are treated per day.  In all the excitement and wanting to minister to the people, one card per family was handed out!  Doctor Lee could not figure out why the medical triage was going so slow.  Needless to say, the average family seen had 3-4 members and we handed out 50 cards!  So if you do the math, we were able to work with roughly 150-200 people. Vision had a slower day seeing about 50 people.

We want to share a special story that will touch your heart and show that God is with us.  A small girl was talking to a missionary and she discovered this young girl was “adopted” by the man and his wife who brought her to the clinic.  Her father was deceased and the dying mother asked this man to please take her daughter and care for her.  He and his wife agreed and now a year later, they showed up at the clinic, and we assumed she was about 6 years old.  It turned out this young girl was actually 13 years old and weighted about 40 pounds. The adults in the community said this young girl was so much better than the year before.  She was given a bottle of prenatal vitamins cut in half to help her get the nutrients she needed to live.  

After leaving the mountain, we returned to the hotel to minister to the hotel staff,  who wait on us with their loving smiles and outstanding service.  In addition, the missionaries were able to provide medical and vision care for the translators and their families, and our security team. Approximately 40 people were seen in medical and close to the same numbers in vision.  It was such an honor to minister to these hard working people who protect us, love on us, and speak for us. 

Before closing, we want to share one more God story with you from yesterday.  John brought a guitar to Haiti and has been sharing his music with the children in the school going from classroom to classroom with a choir of voices behind him.  He also began playing at Pastor Dieuseul’s church while the clinics were fully engaged with people from Tent City.  Kay saw a young man about 17 years old, just staring at John strumming his guitar.  She invited him to come up and join them.  He was asked if he played the guitar and he said yes, so John gave him the guitar.  He immediately began playing Christian songs from Michael W Smith and his voice was angelic.  Guess who walked away with the guitar! God is good, all the time.

We love you and thank you for your continued prayers, support and love. We feel your presence and know that God is working in us and through us.

 Haiti Mission Trips for 2015:

We will head back to Haiti, where we will focus on medical missions, supporting local pastors, and developing relationships with the children of several communities. We ask you to pray about being a part of this potentially life-changing week. According to the World Bank, Haiti is the poorest country in the world, yet it’s only a three-hour flight (yet a world away) from Atlanta. We are not going on a mission trip in efforts to be a hero. It’s not about us – it’s about God, and the folks in Haiti don’t need heroes – they need long-term partners.

We also have two Haiti trips scheduled for 2015: March 7-14 and September 19-26. Be in prayer about these opportunities to serve God and experience the mighty things He is doing in Haiti!


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