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Haiti Mission Trip September 2016
Carol Haisten went with the North American Haiti Partnership mission team Thursday, September 15th, 2016.
The post come for different people on the team. As you follow these post, please keep them in your
prayers as well as the rest of the Team Members.
 We will head back to Haiti, where we will focus on medical missions, supporting local pastors, and developing relationships with the children of several communities. We ask you to pray about being a part of this potentially life-changing week. According to the World Bank, Haiti is the poorest country in the world, yet it’s only a three-hour flight (yet a world away) from Atlanta. We are not going on a mission trip in efforts to be a hero. It’s not about us – it’s about God, and the folks in Haiti don’t need heroes – they need long-term partners.

Be in prayer about these opportunities to serve God and experience the mighty things He is doing in Haiti.

HAITI UPDATE: Friday, Sept 16th, 2016

Today’s adventure started with inventorying the trunks and getting the meds bagged and ready for the clinics this week.  We looked like a bunch of ants in our room with barely room to walk between each other, each person busy with their all-important task that had been assigned. After an hour and a half or so, we loaded up the stocked trunks and went to Pastor Baptiste’ school.

Upon arrival, we were met with shrieks and screams from the kids and everyone getting hugs and smiles!  We thought we had seen the face of God in these kids’ beautiful smiles!


Through the generosity of a lot of people, we were able to bring Christmas presents for all the kids which will be stored at Pastor Baptiste’ house for now.  Each girl will get a stuffed toy and some flip flops and each boy will get a matchbox car and some flip flops!  Additionally, each child plus the school will get office/school supplies to use this school year. Thanks everyone!!!!!


After a few hours of a loud and crazy Vacation Bible School; medical clinic and pharmacy for the students, teachers, and some parents; and a successful optical ministry under the shade tree, it’s time to pack up and go back to the beautiful Palm Inn for some afternoon meetings then a quick swim or nap.  Supper was great as usual, then Patti gave a touching devotion on “Peace”.

HAITI UPDATE: Saturday, Sept 17th 2016
HAITI UPDATE: Sunday, Sept 18th, 2016

Hello friends and family,


We start each morning with a short devotion.  This morning we were blessed by Benson, one of the translators who shared his heart with us.  We then made our way and spent our day at Pastor Dieuseul’s church. We were blessed to enjoy a church service with them, with a highlight of our very own Doctor Lee giving a great message on Grace and Truth. We are glad that he wasn’t too  distracted by the fact that most of his team was holding and passing and cuddling a precious newborn baby from a sweet couple in the church….but we promise we were still listening to his sermon!


We enjoying serving them with medical, optical, pharmacy and VBS fun.  We were able to work on the top floor of the church, and had an amazing breeze and view all day! This is such a fabulous team, always willing to move around and help each other if one area gets really busy!


This afternoon after we returned to the Palm Inn, we were visited by a beautiful young lady ,the daughter of the pastor we coordinate with. Beaudelyn has had a really rough time dealing with juvenile diabetes but came over to share her wonderful testing results with us.  She is doing SO well managing now, and she looks healthy and happy!


We had another visitor who met with us and joined us for dinner.  Marie is a very special lady who moved from California to Haiti to train Haitian nurses.  We are excited to partner with her for her special skill set in getting nurses ready to work in the Bethesda Hospital in the future. 

HAITI UPDATE: Monday, Sept 19th, 2016
Good evening from Haiti.

We started and ended this busy day with a devotion from Jane reminding us to not grow weary and to rely on God who gives us strength. One of our Haitian team members, Jonathan, offered a heartfelt prayer of gratitude and love for our work in Haiti. But as we said, we are so often the ones who are blessed.

It was a double blessing day as we held two clinics. In the morning, we served at Pastor Clerzius' church where we were privileged to minister to about 70 individuals in medical/pharmacy and 20 in optical. Although the temperature was hot, our spirits were lifted by the genuine appreciation and love shown by every person we encountered. There's always such a sweet spirit there. The attached photo shows Doc hard at work! Don't text and diagnose. Could he be consulting WebMD?
After a quick lunch, we set up for the clinic back at the hotel. This is where we get to offer medical and optical care to the hotel staff and their families, as well as to our Haitian team members and their families. We were excited to see our Haitian brother, Gel, and his family. He will be coming to the states soon for much needed neurosurgery that he cannot receive in Haiti.

We are all tired, but energized at the same time, as we claim the scripture shared by Jane in Isaiah 40:31...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Until tomorrow night...

 HAITI UPDATE: Tuesday, Sept 20th, 2016



Sorry for the late post. Having some Internet problems.
Our morning devotion was lead by Dr. Lee who reminded us that our task here in Haiti is more than just offering medical assistance. It's about having the God-given authority to expand His kingdom. What a great privilege to do His work.

Today we offered a clinic at Pastor Abraham's church near downtown Port-au-Prince. When we arrived, an array of smiling faces greeted us as we exited the van and began setting up for the clinic. We were able to serve most of the people who had gathered and were touched by the numbers of people who needed medical attention. Jessi once again led a fun VBS time with a group of children from the school. Pixie sticks have proven to be very popular:) Jane, Nicole and John did a fabulous job in running the optical clinic, which was in high demand. Everyone seemed to want a new pair of glasses even if they didn't really need them.

We could not do these clinics without our whole team working together. The attached photo shows our wonderful team of missionaries and our Haitian partners who work with us so closely every day.

After a thoughtful evening devotion by Bill based on the book, The Case for Christ, Dr. Lee summarized the latest developments on the Bethesda Hospital project. Truly, God's hands are at work here.

In yesterday's post, we poked a little fun at Dr. Lee. Tonight, as he prepares to leave us for yet another commitment, we want to thank him for his Christian leadership, his medical expertise and his love and dedication to the people of Haiti. Safe travels, Doc. You will be missed at clinic tomorrow.

With serious business out of the way, we played a rousing game of Heads Up Charades with much laughter and rolling on the floor (literally)! Jessi gets the award for best demo of Tai Chi. Needless to say,  fun was had by all.

Sadly, we have our last clinic tomorrow.  We look forward to what the Lord has prepared for us. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Your Haiti mission team


HAITI UPDATE: Wednesday, Sept 21st, 2016

Good evening from Haiti.
Today was our last full day in Haiti. We have been blessed with good weather all week and were so thankful for that. 
Our day started with a beautiful prayer from John, one of our translators. Lori had our devotion where she asked us to consider how each of us could use our spiritual gifts in serving the Lord. 
Our last clinic was held at Pastor Sorell's church which was only a short drive away. Lori and Patti, assisted by translators Kalipso and Achka, worked doubly hard in the absence of Dr. Lee and provided medical care for about 65 individuals. Bill and Carol with the assistance of Benson stayed busy in pharmacy while Jessi lead another exciting and active VBS session. Richardson, one of our security guards proved to be a valuable and fun asset in VBS while his counterpart, Bob, helped with crowd control. Jane, Nicole, Jonathan and John worked in optical serving 30 people. One sweet man who was said to be blind was able to see after being fitted for glasses. What joy was on his face! 
As our last day comes to an end, we are sad to be leaving this place that holds a piece of our hearts. As Lori continued her devotion from this morning, we were all asked to think about spiritual gifts that we may not yet be using in doing the Lord's work and how we can change that.
It's been a great week of abundant blessings.  Our team expressed that there was a special closeness, not only with each other, but with our entire team including our translators, security team, and our Haiti partner, Jean Baptiste.
God is indeed, good, all the time and all the time God is good. It's hard to say good bye, but we know we will be back again soon.
Thank you all for your prayers. We felt every one.


Your Haiti mission team

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