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Haiti Mission Trip September 2017
Carol Haisten went with the North American Haiti Partnership mission team Thursday, September 2017.
The post come for different people on the team. As you follow these post, please keep them in your
prayers as well as the rest of the Team Members.
Thursday, September 21st
Greetings!  Just wanted to let everyone know that we arrived safely in Haiti to beautiful weather this afternoon.  After a short drive from the airport in very little traffic (unusual), we checked in at our oasis (Palm Inn).  After pulling together the meds and supplies we need for the next day, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and had our devotional time.  The topics discussed were: “Why did you come to Haiti”, “What do you expect from your week here”, and “Where did you see God today”.  Everyone participated and shared their hearts, and it was a precious time!  I have to give a ‘shout-out’ to our ‘rookies’ to Haiti – Cheri and Brad.  Both are not new to having sweet heart and sharing stories that warm our hearts, (and make us laugh).  So glad they decided to join the team!  Cheri has a contagious smile, a beautiful, peaceful outlook on life, and a determination to make this trip that is inspiring.  Brad made us teary eyed sharing his heart on his devotion to Christ, and furthering his walk this week. 


It was obviously a GOD thing for all of us to be here, just a few days ago we were convinced that we wouldn’t make it, but God ‘showed up’ and ‘showed out’ with is mighty power, turned a Hurricane away from Haiti, calmed the winds, and brought us here together to share this week with our brothers and sister here.    


Friends and family, thanks for being with us through the journey this week.  Please keep us in your prayers for good health, and to be able to hear God’s whispers to us!


HAITI UPDATE: Friday, September 22nd

This morning began with a wonderful breakfast and devotional by Charles. Today was our first day on the road, and the team arrived at Pastor Jean Baptiste’s school.  The weather was beautiful early in the morning, so the team worked in the outdoor courtyard.  The medical clinic served about 30 plus people to include students, staff and community neighbors.  The optical clinic served over 20 individuals and big smiles were seen from young students to elderly grandmas when they were able to put their new glasses on.  There was so much joy in the hearts of those who received glasses, medical care and medicine. The long hugs given to the missionaries after being seen just reinforced how God paved the way for us to be in Haiti. 

The team left the school and traveled to Pastor Clerzius’s church and school.  Grateful for a generator and fans, the team settled in and began to serve those in need.  Throughout this clinic, there were God moments when several missionaries knew that God had sent them patients whose health was in jeopardy after the clinic had started packing up to head out.  A woman brought her baby to be examined and it quickly became apparent to Lori that this baby was in trouble.  After assessing her health and prescribing medicine, Lori and a few other missionaries prayed over this baby.  We never underestimate the power of prayer and what God’s healing hands can do.  It was truly a day of feeling and seeing God’s presence as He orchestrated how each person came to the clinic and was served.

Returning to the hotel around 3:40 pm, allowed time for rest before dinner.  Tonight’s devotion was led by Brad who posed the question, “Am I in the world or of the world?”  Scripture from Romans 12:2 was read.  After the devotion, each missionary shared where they saw the face of God today.  It was heartfelt by all how God continues to use us to “feed His sheep”. 

Tomorrow the team is off to Onaville to Pastor Baptiste’s church and then to the Haiti Deaf Academy.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the people of Haiti and for the missionaries.

Submitted by Jane Pierce



HAITI UPDATE: Saturday, September 23rd

Good evening from Haiti!

Joy and blessings were abundant today.  We started the morning with a devotion by Charles who reminded us that the mission field is wherever we are. One of our translators, Jhon, lead a heartfelt prayer that was translated from Creole.  It was like having church on Saturday!

Our first clinic took us for a first-time visit to the Haiti Deaf School. Little did we know what joy we were in for. The program is run by a wonderful couple, Meredith and Keith, who both exhibit huge servant’s hearts.  What joy fills this place that houses 50 children with hearing impairments.  One has to get used to the silence, and you are forced to “listen” with your eyes by really attending to the person. Talk about “real” communicationJ  Watching our Haitian translators learning signs and interacting with the kids was a joy. Brad put it best when asked about the number of glasses needed in optical clinic:  “Only two needed glasses.  God made sure they had good eyes because they can’t hear.” We said (signed) our goodbyes with promises to return again soon.

After some lunch, we made our way to Jean Baptiste’s church in Onaville.  After ministering to church members there, we headed back to hotel, hot and weary, but blessed by the days events.

After dinner, a devotion by Patti used the parable of the prodigal son to encourage us to be like the faithful, obedient, joyful servants who emulated God’s love and acceptance.  Tomorrow is worship at Pastor Dieseul’s church followed by a clinic.  We are expecting another great day of joy and blessings.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  We feel every one of them.


Submitted by Carol Haisten

HAITI UPDATE:  Monday, September 25th

Hello friends!


The day started early with a wonderful devotional by Bill about the history of Haiti.  He has recently finished reading a book about Haiti and he gave us a very interesting overview of it.  After devotion, we took a short drive downtown to Pastor Sorrell’s church where we had a wonderful morning ministering through our medical, pharmacy and optical clinics.  All the clinics saw a lot of people who needed their services.  After packing up, we ventured on to the second location. 


At Pastor Abraham’s, we located a prime area for the clinics where we could get a consistent breeze through the windows, and it was delightful!!! Everyone worked hard, and we even used the driver and Pastor Baptiste as translators to manage the needs there.  Optical stayed very busy, with Charles, Cheri, John and Brad working as hard as they could to serve everyone.  Cheri got to see ‘firsthand’ the joy of someone being able to see clearly for the first time in years!!!  All by 1 of the 37 patients in optical were fitted with glasses in this clinic!!!  Praise God!


Nursing and Pharmacy were very busy as well.  Jane ran the BP screening station, Lori and Patti ‘tagged’ in on the difficult patients, and Carol, Bill, and Jimmy Gel were running around filling the med orders and assuring that the patients were clear on their instructions.  When we finished, we made time for a few minutes of ‘indoor soccer’ with the school administrator’s grandson.  It was a blessed day of work, and we made it back to the Palm in time for swimming or relaxing prior to the daily refilling of meds.


Dinner was wonderful as usual, and Jane blessed us this evening with her devotion.

HAITI UPDATE: Tuesday, September 26th

Hello friends! 

We started the day with a devotion by Charles on “What difference does Jesus make?”.  He talked about the hope that people have when they have Jesus in their lives, and truly what a difference it makes. The team then started the hour journey to Pastor Exantus’ school.  We ministered to a lot of schoolkids, teachers, and members of the congregation.  Our Haitian staff worked hard to make sure we had what we needed, and showed love and kindness to our clients. 

Later back at the Palm Inn, we set up for medical, pharmacy and optical clinics for the Haitian staff, the Palm Inn staff, and their families.  It was wonderful to be able to meet a lot of their family members and to praise the staff to their families.  They were very proud!


Some special ‘God’ moments today were:  there was a special young man who came to the optical area and Brad, John, and others showed him lots of extra attention and helped him through a tough experience; another time was when we needed a specialist to look at a 2 year old child with some medical problems that were beyond our scope…and we just happened to have met a Pediatrician from another team staying at the hotel who were serving in the area. The Pediatrician was happy to see the child, and provide us with some direction for her follow-up care; another one was when Patti performed a pregnancy test on a young woman who was trying to get pregnant and was able to give the young woman the good news that her test was positive, and see the sweet smile of happiness on her face to get the good news.  


Cheri ended our day with a lovely devotion on “Blessings”.  Ezekiel 34:26, Gen 17:18, etc; talking about all of us living under blessings by ‘keeping your antenna up’ to realize these blessings.  The more we look for them, the more we find them….in our everyday life, in all things that we do we need to be looking for these blessings! Blessings are like chocolate sauce poured over ice cream! 


In His Grace!

Sixes UMC Mission Coordinators

Canton, GA

Lori Stanley-Chase


 HAITI UPDATE: Wednesday, September 27th


John blessed us this morning with a beautiful devotion on sowing the seeds and reaping the harvest in its time. If we sow goodness and have patience, we will reap goodness and patience, and so forth. He was reading from Galatians 8.  This is the first time one of our translators has led the devotional and we were so touched by this!  This was followed by a beautiful prayer by Blanc, our driver.  He spoke of how God is the driver and God leads the way, and covered our day with prayer. He has been so quiet on previous trips, but on this trip, he has been interacting a lot more with the staff and our clients in the clinics, plus he has been speaking English a lot more! 
We loaded up in our nice, air conditioned van (this was mentioned because another medical team is also staying at the Palm and includes Doctors, Nurses, and a Dentist, and they are riding around in a rented ‘tap-tap’ (Haitian taxis which are pickup trucks with covered roof and open sides and back, so we are VERY thankful for what he have!).  We journeyed about an hour and a half to the Wahoo Bay Beach Club, and enjoyed the FIRST EVER off day for a Haiti mission trip!!!! The drive was beautiful and the ocean side resort was VERY nice!  We enjoyed kayaks, snorkeling, a pool and a beach with beautiful blue water, lounges, swimming, and just taking in the sights.  Then we enjoyed lunch in the open air restaurant, followed by games of pool, Ping-Pong and foosball until it was time to head home.  After the journey home, it was time to wrap up the paperwork and miscellaneous things of the week, and start getting ready to head home.
Lori provided the devotion tonight.  The title was “what happens next?” and it focuses on the time when missionaries return home.  At this time, they have options on what to do. They can return to their ‘previous’ life and become reabsorbed in it and so busy that they start to forget the experiences they had on the trip (which is exactly what the evil one wants-for you to be so distracted and busy every day that you don’t have time to give to God or think about how you can further nourish and grow the seeds that you planted during the mission trip.  You have a choice!  You can let your experiences change you, or you can ‘go back’ to your old comfortable self and try to be satisfied with less than you deserve, and less than God wants you to have.

 Love from the Mission Team, Thanks again for all your prayers and support!!!!



HAITI UPDATE: Friday, September 29th

 The Haiti mission team returned home safely last evening. What a wonderful, productive week we had all due to God's grace and glory. Your prayers and good thoughts sustained us throughout. Please ask Patti or Carol about our experiences and we will be more than happy to share with you.  We hope most of the updates made it to you. If you want to read more about the trip, Brad Bosworth, one of our team members chronicled the entire week on his blog at this site:  The Standard Chronicles  Read it, and be blessed. Thank you again for all your love and support. 
Carol Haisten


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