St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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From the Associate Pastor’s Desk

“Breaking Out of a Stable"



The birth of Jesus is always portrayed in beauty. Manger scenes and small crèches typify our thinking about the birth of Jesus. If he had been willing to stay in that dimension, think of the trouble he would have avoided.


 But Jesus was not born to be a pretty baby in a quiet place. He was the Son of God sent "to open the eyes of the blind, to bring captives out of prison." The Spirit of God was upon him, and he had to be about his Father's business.


The story is told that Michelangelo was rescuing a piece of marble from a scrap heap. As he struggled down the road with it, a neighbor asked why he was going to so much trouble. Michelangelo replied, "Because there's an angel in here and he is trying to get out."


 When Jesus broke out of the stable image, his contemporaries were not willing to accept his true mission. His own home town asked, "Is not this Joseph's son?" They were not ready for Scripture to be fulfilled, for deliverance for all people or for redemption to break over national boundaries.


 Jesus is still breaking out of the stable image. We are perfectly satisfied to have him there. It is when he gets involved in our business, our homes, our sports, our social lives and every aspect of our living that we realize no stable will hold Him. He just keeps breaking out in our world.



In His Service,