St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors.
From the Associate Pastor’s Desk


The Man Born to Be King


Some of you may have seen this drama produced during World War 11 that portrayed the life
of Jesus. It reached its climax in the crucifixion scene. The three Marys entered and approached

the Roman guards. Mary, the mother of Jesus, spoke to the captain requesting permission

to minister to the needs of her Son. He roughly pushed her away. Then one of the other women

came forward and sought permission, adding” “For old times’ sake.” The guard refused her request.

Then with a sweeping motion of her hand she loosed her golden hair so it could cascade down her

back. “Marcellus,” she asked, “have you ever seen hair like this?” And then she thrust out a foot and

asked,”and have feet ever danced for you as these feet?”


Incredulity was on his face. In amazement he said: Mary Magdalene, how you have changed !” Slowly,

with dramatic emphasis, she turned so her back was to the audience and she was facing the cross and

slowly said: ”Yes, Marcellus, I have changed; he changed me.”


He can change us too !


 In His Service,