St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Friday, September 21, 2018
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From the Associate Pastor’s Desk


Fifty Seven Pennies

                            She was just a little girl, one of these non-persons. Nothing to make her stand out

               from other little girls. She was not from a wealthy family; in fact she was from a poor family.

               Fifty-seven pennies were found under her pillow the night she died and this simple act made

               an incredible mark on the city of Philadelphia, Penn.

              This little girl had made an attempt to become part of a Sunday School in Philadelphia

               years ago and was told she could not come because there was no room for her. She began

               saving her pennies in order to "help the Sunday School have more room ."

                Two years later she became sick and in a couple of weeks, died. Beneath her pillow

               they found a small, tattered book with 57 pennies and a piece of paper on which she had

               printed neatly: "To help build the Little Temple bigger, so more children can go to Sunday


                This little story and the purse with the 57 pennies were brought to the pastor, the

               Rev. Russell H. Cornwell, and he told this humble story to his congregation. Then, the

               newspapers picked up the story and took it across the country. This triggered a spontaneous wave

               of gifts and giving. Soon the pennies grew and grew and today the final outcome of the humble

               57 pennies offering can be seen in Philadelphia today.

                 The  "Little Temple" church has been replaced by a church which seats 3,300 people

               with lots of room for Sunday School. There is also a "Temple University" which accommodates

               and educates thousands of students. And there is also a "Temple Hospital" dedicated to humanity.

               And it all began with a nameless little girl who set out to do something about a need. Her

               beautiful, unselfish, dedicated attitude is what started this project. All it really takes in life to

               begin making a difference is one person with concern and dedication followed by an action.

               Let's add one more ingredient to this mix and call it love. Little people, in fact, all people are

               important to the future of the kingdom of God. Don't be discouraged with your little contribution.

               God can take your action and turn it into something big for His kingdom. Don't give up! I

               think of the little boy and his simple lunch.. but in the Master's hands it was about to feed

               thousands and there was some left over. God needs a willing person first and watch it happen,



In His Service,