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Monday, April 24, 2017
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Becoming a New Creation: Name Change


             How many of us try to bargain with God?  We might say, “God, if I do this or that...then will you do such and such?”  We want to make a deal to get what we think is best for us.  God, on the other hand, seems to be about covenants.  Throughout the Hebrew Bible, God is found making covenants with

people.  God seems to want relationships that are based on trustworthiness.

Do you remember God coming to Abram and promising to make him “exceedingly numerous?”

God basically said, “Abram, I’m changing your name; and that name change will mark a new stage in our relationship.”

Sarai will become Sarah and from her will arise nations and kings.  It’s a double blessing.  We have name changes for many reasons today:  marriages, divorces, adoptions, etc.  These name changes don’t really refer to changing someone’s personality, rather, the name change represents a new stage in life.  The new name may or may not affect someone’s character. 

The Apostle Paul tells us that we are “new creations” in Christ (2Corinthians 5:17).  When we take the name Christian, we’re still the same person we were before, but now we are more attuned to our divine purpose in life.  From this new name, we begin to be transformed into new creations.

Our personality and character begin to be molded and transformed so that our personhood comes to match that new name. 

Through his covenant with God, Abram & Sarai would be transformed into Abraham & Sarah. 

They would experience God’s work in their lives through these new names, and their names would

become great throughout the generations.  Jesus told Simon that his new name would be Peter.  Peter

allowed God to mold him into becoming what was within him.  It took trust, humility and forgiveness to get Peter to become malleable.  What about you?  What about me? When we were given our new name, Christian?  As we approach the Lenten Season and Easter, something to think about!  When we were

 given the name Christian, have we become more attuned to God and His will?


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