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Tuesday, April 07, 2020
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*5th Sunday Service 10:30am*
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St. Andrew Hosting Family Promise
 We will NOT host family promise in April. Families are placed in temporary housing which is as  a part of the program.
Stay tuned for additional information.

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    Palm Sunday


Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. I enjoyed the pomp and spectacle of the past two royal weddings  of British crown princes. How different Jesus 's reign is compared to the wealth of Buckingham Palace! Jesus was born in a cave, not a palace; he wore linen, not silk; he rode a donkey, not a glass carriage; he wore a crown of thorns, not of jewels. Instead of leading his followers into economic prosperity and political power, as most kings try to do, Jesus taught sacrifice, service. and love for our enemies. No wonder the world does not understand such a king !
The ancient Hebrews were an extravagant, passionate people. The Palm Sunday "parade" is anything but moderate. Matthew  tells us "the whole city was stirred up."(Matt. 21:10). To get those palm branches they waved, they had to go a long distance outside the city. And to strip trees of their branches in that arid land was an extreme act. That's why they did it. The exuberant emotions they wanted to show were very strong! They spread  their precious garments on the way, to be trampled. Nothing was done in moderation that day.
Jesus rode an ass or a donkey on that day. An ass may not travel fast. It would never win the Kentucky Derby. But an ass was the historic symbol of peace, and on it was the Prince of Peace .
On Palm Sunday a friend of mine preached about Jesus riding in on the donkey, with the crowds cheering and yelling and applauding.My friend said, "I  wonder if that donkey thought those crowds were cheering for him. Every pastor and every Christian worker should
say, 'All I am is the donkey upon whose shoulders Jesus rides.'"
Our service tomorrow will be live streamed again over Facebook at 10:30,  If you have a palm branch, wave it when we sing the opening Hymn. Cry out, "Hosanna. Please Save Us" and He will in due time I'm sure. In the meantime my friends, lean on Him!
In His Love,
                                                                                                    Terry Phillips





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