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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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St. Andrew United Methodist Church strives to be a family of caring, nurturing followers of Jesus
Christ welcoming all those seeking to know and grow in God’s service.

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 9:25am Children's
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10:45am Free Radicals
Sunday Morning
8:30am Traditional (Sanctuary)
9:30am Blended Contemporary (Keheley Center)
10:45am Traditional (Sanctuary)

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2017 Dates

Feb 12-18th, 2017  Host week

Apr  16-29, 2017  Host week (two weeks)

Dec 17-23, 2017  Host week 

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In February (Valentine Month) What About the State of Your Heart?


              In The Applause of Heaven,  Max Lucado writes: The heart is the center of the spiritual life… That is why the state of the heart is so critical.  What’s the state of yours?

When someone barks at you, do you bark back or bite your tongue?  That depends on the state of your heart.  When your schedule is too tight or your to-do list too long, do you lose your cool or keep it?  That depends on the state of your heart.  When you are offered a morsel of gossip marinated in slander, do you turn it down or pass it on?  That depends on the state of your heart…

The state of your heart dictates whether you harbor a grudge or give grace, seek self pity or seek Christ, drink human misery or taste God’s mercy.

No wonder, then, the wise person says, “above all else, guard your heart.”

David’s prayer should be ours: “Create in me a pure heart, O God.”

And Jesus’ statement rings true: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

And so how is it with you?  What about the state of your heart?




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